Jan 10, 2017

things they say

Dropping Allison off at Wake (a weekly church event for middle and high school students):
Me: Do you have your money?
Her: Yes
Me: Do you have your good attitude?
Her: Yes
Me: Do you have your happy heart?
Her: Yes
Me: Are you ready to be a good friend?
Her: Yes. And you have a diaper sticker on your chest.
Me: Oh. Wow. How many places did I go with THAT going on?

Sitting around the kitchen chit-chatting.
Emily: Okay. Orange juice. Grape juice. Apple juice. Cranberry juice. Pineapple juice. Pomegranate juice. LEMONADE! WHYYYYYYYY???

Caroline during our bedtime talk:
Do you think Chinese people can’t see as much as we do because their eyes are skinnier?

Caroline getting ready for school:
Mommy? Do you know where the handcuffs and whistle might be? I’m going to need those things for school today.


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