Feb 3, 2017

things you say

These are all from Caroline’s sweet little mouth.

Me: Tell me about your life these days.
Her: Well. I don’t actually HAVE ONE since Emily always says ‘GET A LIFE CAROLINE’.

While in Target shopping for a dress for the Daddy Daughter Dance:
Hey. I really need a necklace or a bracelet or maybe I can just have a bra or something?

While climbing across the counter in the laundry room:
This is bascially a shortcut to the hospital.

In the car after picking up Chick-fil-A yesterday (February 2nd):

Talking about her overbite and upcoming orthodontic treatment:
These teeth are jacked up. I can’t even chew my food good because my teeth stick out so much. My face won’t be the same and I will be different.

(Geesh. That last one broke my heart. Why am I so sentimental about TEETH?!?)


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