Jul 28, 2012

the hottest place in town

Today the girls and I went to Zoo Atlanta and sweated our gosh darn faces slap off.

Sweet Baby Jesus it was smokin’.

The zoo opened at 9:30 and what time did our pretty little faces show up?

Nine thirty eight.

It was ALREADY hot and steamy.

Here are a few highlights from the day…

…we saw one elephant and she was the.smelliest.animal.there.

…her name is Sara.

…the girls fed parakeets by holding up sticks covered in seeds.

…I should have given all of my money to the zoo just for that little exhibit since two out of three girls cried when I dragged them out.

…mole rats are ugly.

…the reptile house is soooo air conditioned.

…I loved it there.

…Emily climbed the rock wall.

…she cheated the system and was able to weasel out 2 extra climbs for free.

…Caroline loved the carousel, but cried over not getting the cheetah. She settled for the tiger instead.

…if I were an animal? I’d be a meerkat.

…those guys are hysterical.

…Allison climbed the rock wall, too!

…we were nearly pooped on by 126 parakeets as they flew over us.

…dippin’ dots are cool, but sno cones are cooler.

…two out of three girls ended up with blisters (no socks…Mom of the Year, please) and I ended up carrying Caroline 75% of the time. Poor girls.

…the girls liked squatting under the hand dryers (which are everywhere at the zoo) to cool off.

…did I mention it was HOT?

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  1. Heather says:

    I love the way you capture your day. Oh, how I’d love to hang out and capture life.