Sep 16, 2012


We spotted a web this morning and I thought about trying to photograph it…although I don’t have a macro lens anymore.

A few minutes later, I noticed it was nearly gone so I headed back inside.

About twenty minutes after THAT, Mr. Barky Barks-a-lot (the lab that has been kicked out of the house and is living in the garage now) wouldn’t zip it.

So, I went out to walk his hairy hiney around for a bit.

And what do you know?

The Itsy Bitsy Spider had built an entirely new web.

He’s so very little and has a spiky body.

And is a very fast web-maker.

(again, no macro lens so it’s not the greatest, but I did love his little web so I tried to rock the 50mm on a spider…….it’ll have to do)

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