Feb 9, 2015

Weekend Review

Happy Monday, Peoples!


It’s raining here, but NOT chilly!  That’s a plus when you’re a southerner and 50 and below is when you break out the gloves and scarves.

Over the weekend we did our usual….everything thing to eat in this house is GROSS and we all REFUSE to eat it.  OR COOK.  Or go to the grocery store to actually get foods to COOK.  It’s like all of a sudden everything here is revolting and offensive.

So, we went out.

That bombed.

On Friday, we went to one of our favorite places and it turns out we were served rotten cheese.  Well, Allison was served rotten cheese.  You know that ol’ trick where someone says, ‘OMGoodness this is sooooo gross!!!  YOU taste it!!’…??   I didn’t fall for that.  I merely sniffed it.  Tony?  Took a big ol’ manly bite.  We all then didn’t eat another bite because then even the out to eat food was REVOLTING.  Did you know that rotten cheese at a mexican place looks and smells like rank blue cheese?  Emily made it out alive because she was at the movies with her best buddy.

Saturday was like this:  indoor soccer tourney for Allison and they lost.  Dangit.  She usually  never gets bummed out about losing, but this time she was near tears.  Caroline went to a party for a friend and Emily went to the barn to work.

What else did we do?

We ate out!


Sunday we had a visit from a sweetie who was down from NC.  Then, a birthday party for our niece who turned ten.  The girls had a blast on their zipline and trampoline and now we are trying to figure out which two trees will do for a zipline at our own house.  On this day?  We did NOT eat out.  Yay us!

It was a great weekend with gorgeous weather.  Caroline said a few times, ‘my GOODNESS it is a lovely day today!’.


Taken by Allison 🙂



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