Mar 9, 2017

when baby hates riding in the car

and you’re on a long car ride here’s what happens.

She screams and yells. And yells and screams. And cries. A lot.

And when she’s done crying a lot? She yells a bit more and then screams.

So here’s a list of items to have on hand.

Keep in mind, these fun things will only appease Baby for no more than five minutes at a time.

(Unless, you have boxes and boxes of baby wipes that Baby can pull out one by one. THAT will keep Baby quiet for a looooooong time. However, then your car will smell like baby butt and also you’ll be out of wipes.)

List of Needed Items (I am speaking from experience here):

coffee cup lid
Fake iPad toy
DVD case
napkin to shred
Tupperware lid
teeny bites of Wendy’s nuggets
stuffed animal
another straw
lid from a to-go cup
pats on the head
another napkin to shred
french fry
Backyardigans video
wolf ears headband from Great Wolf Lodge
cup of apple juice
empty Starbucks cup
a hand to hold
3 more pacis
a sock on each hand
pieces of the shredded napkin to throw
hair scrunchie
another book
car TV remote
tickles on the feet
2 more pacis
empty water bottle to crunch

Well. There you have it. That’s all you need to keep Baby happy while on a long trip.

Also, you’re going to need a bigger bag.

Now for some cuteness to show you that she really is a sweetheart (when NOT in the car).


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