Nov 14, 2016

why i will never set foot inside Walmart again

I’m not going to do it.


Not ever again will I walk inside of a Walmart store.

Okay, so I MIGHT stroll back in if I HAVE to. But right now? I don’t have to and here’s why.

I have discovered the joy of online grocery ordering.

Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus it is AMAZING and this is how it works.

1. Sort out our menu for the week. (yes, I only work one week at a time)

2. Make my list in one of my cute little notebooks. (I could certainly skip this part and order straight from looking at the recipes, but I like lists)

3. Go online to Walmart Online Grocery. If you’re new, you’ll want to register for an account. Don’t worry, it’s safe.

4. Type the items I need in the search bar and add them to the cart. This goes by SO FAST you won’t even believe it.

5. Check out and choose an order time. I always choose the next morning and take the first time slot. That way, I’m usually the only one there. (Because lots of times I don’t like to talk to people.) Also, you can leave your cart open and then add items as you think about it. You have until 1am to modify the order once you’ve checked out.

6. On the day of the pickup, the store will call to remind you of your 1-hour arrival window. You can either call them back and let them know you’re X minutes away or you can check in on the Walmart Grocery App. I’ve done both, but prefer the app because (again) I don’t have to talk to anyone. 😉

7. Arrive at the store, follow the signs to the pickup area. This will probably be on the side of your store. Locate the designated parking spots and once you’re there…this is the most important part…THE EMPLOYEE WILL BRING THE GROCERIES TO YOUR CAR AND LOAD THEM. Go back and read that again. I’ll wait. Is that not amazing?! On my first trip, the employee actually said to me (as I stood by the car helping him load), ‘Please, you need to get in your car. The rule is that you sit in the car and I do the work. It’s our treat!’. So? I sat my hiney in the car. I did not tip as I was told that this is a free service and they will not accept a tip.

8. You’ll get a receipt emailed to you and also a hard copy of the items you purchased to take home. Sometimes you’ll even get a little sticker on the top of the list. Yesterday I had an elf sticker. Nice little touch, I thought.

9. Pull out of the store a happy shopper. Never having had to walk in or wait in line inside of Walmart.

This service is nothing but awesome. It took me 22 minutes to drive to the store and gather the items this yesterday morning. TWENTY TWO MINUTES to shop for a family of six. Also, if you use the Walmart app and scan your receipt within a week of purchase, the store will magically scan your purchases, look for better deals and if a better deal is found? You’ll get MONEY BACK AUTOMATICALLY.

Plus…PLUS!! If you want to use this super secret link that I have? You can get $10 off of your first order. How ’bout THAT? Go on…grab it up.

$10 off Walmart Online Grocery Order

Before long you won’t have ANYTHING bad to say about shopping at Walmart.

Has anyone else used an online grocery ordering service? If so, what did you think?


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  1. Stacey says:

    Yes! I have been using an online grocery service for a couple years now. I order Monday morning for the week and my husband brings it home on his way home from work. Since Elle has joined us, I use google express to do a lot of my Target and Costco shopping too. I’m a hermit. 😉

  2. Lynette says:

    We do! In NC we have a grocery store that offers this. It does have a fee, but you can pay for a year and use it unlimited. It makes me very lazy…knowing someone will bring it to me suddenly makes running into the store for milk and toilet paper a chore. So I don’t…

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