Mar 1, 2017

wordless wednesday

josie with walker and max_edited-1

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  1. Kylee says:

    Hello Melissa,

    I just wanted to say you are such an inspiration to me! Just recently I decided I didn’t want to be a photographer that had a business all I wanted to do was capture my life and the lives of my beautiful children. I tried doing the business thing and I would get so caught up in the whole business part of things that it just wasn’t fun anymore. All I want to do is take awesome images learn and take more awesome images and have a blog. I have trouble with blogging because I don’t feel like I am a writer by any means so I am hesitant on posting. Love your wordless wednesday’s by the way! So long story short I am a clickin moms breakout addict and I purchased your Don’t miss a thing breakout and noticed the other day that it wasn’t extracted so I though hmm did I forget to open it. Well I must have because I opened it all and don’t remember reading any of it! Boy did it come at a perfect time, this breakout was exactly what I needed to show me that I didn’t have to have a business to be a professional photographer that there are professional hobbyist photographers out there who just enjoy photography! This breakout gave me the push I needed and I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome breakout!