May 16, 2018

10 tips for parents of teens

  • There’s going to be a time when you wear the same shoe size.  When that day comes only buy the shoes that YOU like, too.  That way, when she’s gone to school?  You can wear those bad boys to the grocery store.
  • Don’t look at her before 8am.  There will come a time when you can even SPEAK to her before 8am, but by then she will be living on her own and will be calling to see how to work the crockpot before she leaves for the office.  Might as well just save your sanity and wait until then.
  • When she starts talking. PUT DOWN EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING AND LISTEN.  This is a HUGE deal so don’t let it pass you buy.  You may even want to take a picture of it.
  • If you’re in the car, let her play her music through the Bluetooth feature.  This is a way for you to connect and know what kids listen to these days.  It’s important that you do this so that you don’t look like a giant dork by asking, “Is Kendrick Lamar a new student in your class?” It’s also important that you allow her to play her music so that you know what she’s listening to.  You know, during those moments she’s in the back with her earbuds stuffed in her ears that are pierced-too-many-times-but-you-said-yes-so-okay.  The only reason to NOT allow her to listen to her music through the Bluetooth in the car?  When there’s bad words and you have the little kids with you.  (Okay.  So listen, I know I’m getting long winded on this one, but it’s important….you know that music that you hear from “the other kids” and you think…even SAY to your friends…. my kid DOES NOT listen to THAT music?  YOUR KID DOES LISTEN TO THAT MUSIC.  I can promise you that.  The best thing you can do is get to know what they are listening to yourself.)
  • Spray Febreeze in her room  Listen up, People.  Girls stink, too and so does their stuff.  Just hose it down and shut the door.  It’s a teen thing.  It’s not a boy thing.
  • Let her do what she wants with her hair because guess what?  IT IS JUST HAIR.  And hair grows back.  Emily (15) has the entire underside of her red hair dyed blonde.  She did it herself and you know what?  It looks pretty cool.
  • Remember to let her decompress in her room after school.  My own teen is a lot like me in that being “on” all day is exhausting.  She rarely walks right in and starts talking.  She’d rather be quiet for a little while and THEN come and talk.  It doesn’t mean she doesn’t like me.  It means at that moment she likes quiet better.
  • When she finds those good friends … the friends that you KNOW are good for her …. the friends whose parents you KNOW are good …. the friends whose parents have the same rules/morals/expectations as your own…. when she finds those friends?  DO WHATEVER YOU NEED TO DO to get them together often.  Offer to drive her there.  Offer to pick them up.  Offer to be The House.  When you see the good friendships form, it’s your job as a parent to help her foster them.  My choices affect my teen’s social life right now.  Since she isn’t old enough to drive, she is depending on ME to help her connect with her friends.  Don’t forget to help her connect with her friends.
  • Listen to her funny stories.  Teens are SO FUNNY.  They don’t often let it out because they are also so fragile.  What with their I’m Wanting To Be Grown But I’m Still Pretty Goofy stage and all.  But hey, let me advise you (and this is very important): DO NOT TRY TO BE FUNNY BACK.  Because you’re not.  Apparently.
  • Understand that she’s going to shower A LOT.  Basically, her room is a spa.  Pretty much.  If you need any sort of hair product or face mask?  Just skip Target and hit up your teen’s room instead.  It’s loaded.  It also has M&Ms hidden in there.  And also Christmas lights as decoration.

(iPhone snap of my two teens.  Well, ONE is a teen and the other is nearly a teen)


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  1. Monica Wilkinson says:

    Yep!!! You are right on with everyone! Teens girls can be challenging, but so rewarding too! 🙂