May 15, 2018

Nearly two and a half and a word explosion has occured

I told you.  All it took was a sixty five dollar copay and she’s saying LOADS of new words every single day.

Today she said ‘LEGO’ and she’s never even THOUGHT about saying that before.

Some of the words she says are backwards.

All of the words she says are adorable.

oooosh = shoes

ish = fish (she said this for the first time at the local plant nursery when I promised her we would see the fish pond if she stood nicely at the checkout.  I thought she forgot about it because we’d been standing there for 439 minutes; however, when I took her hand to walk away she looked up at me so sweetly and said “ish Mommy?  Ish?”

guys = cars (she loves lining up her cars)

allms = small

lily bug = ladybug

big gorl = big girl (sounds a lot like the way Gru says ‘gorl’)

nicks = snacks (she was in her carseat and pointing to Goldfish saying ‘nicks! nicks! nicks please!’)

guck = stuck (she yelled this out repeatedly when she got her head stuck in Lulu’s teeny tiny dog crate.  We had to take the crate apart to get her out, poor thing.)

oaps = soap (when doing her favorite thing…aka playing in the kitchen sink…she said ‘oaps beez, oaps’.)

beez = please

go Baves = go Braves (also does the chop and sings the song while watching the game with Daddy)

widdy = windy

eh-moes = headphones (she asks for these a lot in the car.  She loves her some eh-moes, Bubble Guppies and Tangled)

Allie ball = soccer game

occer = soccer game

munnies = bunnies (she has three Angel Dear Bunny Lovies and just started calling them by name)

bobby = paci

Itsy = Caroline (we tried to get her to say Sissy, but it comes out Itsy)

All of these (except Itsy) have popped up in the last week.  I’ll be sure to post again when she’s worked up more words.

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