Nov 21, 2015

The Thing

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The other afternoon we were outside (yet again) after school.  You girls love playing in the driveway, making scooter paths with sidewalk chalk.  Or, making kid sized horse jumps out of two by fours and empty bottles for the the water cooler.  On this day, it was a lot of scooter riding, tree climbing, and side walk chalking

carolinedriveway1 copycarolinedriveway2 copy

Oh.  And singing.  LOUD singing. We get a great echo off of our house so I’m thinking all of the neighborhood heard that great singing.

You spent some time singing Adele’s new song, Hello.  Christmas songs and some random made up songs that I couldn’t really understand, but I’m thinking they were just amazingly creative lyrics.


You told me that unicorns are your most favorite and that the Space Unicorn song (just google that one) is the best song ever. You then spent some time trying out your spitting technique. Eh….could use some work so that you aren’t dribbling down your front.

carolinedriveway4 copy

You also spent a bit of time having a fake meltdown and I don’t even know what was going on there. Very odd noises and some strange faces. Good thing you’re cute.

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Right before we had to leave to take Emily to her riding lesson, our nice little neighbor walked over and brought a very important question along with her.

Her: Are you ready for Christmas?

You: Nope.

Her: Why?!

You: *shrugs*

Me: Why aren’t you ready for Christmas?!

You: You know. THE THING. (this means the new baby)

Me: Oh. You mean you aren’t PREPARED for THE THING?

You: Yes.

Me: As in, you haven’t hidden all of your things yet?

You: Yep.

*Well…get ready Honey Bear. You only have 34 days left to stash your stuff.

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