Feb 28, 2019

5 awesome educational apps for toddlers

Although my toddler is perfectly content with browsing my camera roll and videos, I usually have to pull out the big guns when strolling the aisles at Target.

Because, after all, she is a toddler of the unpredictable meltdown variety.

Here are her most favorite apps.

  • Anything by TOCA BOCA
    I mean, honestly? I think this is the cutest one of them all. There are so many to choose from and several things to do within each app.

  • Basic Skills Preschool + Toddler by 22Learn . This one has letter recognition, numbers, matching, shapes and much more.

  • MagisterApp makes a cute one called Dirty Farm where little ones milk cows, shear sheep and clean the horse’s teeth. Not really educational, but fun.

That’s it for Josie’s favorite strolling through Target And Also The Shoe Store Apps. I’d love to hear what apps your toddle enjoys. Let me know in the comments, if you have a second.

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