Jan 22, 2019

Shoe shopping with a toddler and a teen

You’re cringing already.

I feel ya’. It’s not my number one way to spend a perfectly good afternoon either.

So, who had the more difficult time with shoe shopping? The toddler or the teen? You’ll know by the end of this post.

Allison needed shoes for the 8th grade dance. (She has the CUTEST dress, by the way. And has organized The Friend Group photos and dinner) She needed the shoes sooner than usual because the dress has to be hemmed. And since I did a WONDERFUL botch job hemming her symphonic band dress? (it looks completely even if she leans to the right, though) I decided that an actual professional should do the sewing. Not someone who can’t even sew on a button.

So off we go to the biggest shoe store around because “I am only making ONE STOP do you hear me, punks?!”

Josephine and Caroline come along because they are my kids and apparently I’m responsible for them.

The shopping plaza is packed. The shoe store is lined, wall to wall, with shoes, but surprisingly not a lot of people. Allison says she wants heels. I feel like she’s too young for that (yes, I KNOW she’s 13, but whatever), but in my mind I’m thinking “you know what? If she chooses tall enough shoes then we won’t have to hem this joker”. So part of me wants 5 inch hooker boots. The other part of me wants her to choose the velcro Converse.

Allison goes off on her own. While I’m left with Crazy Pants and Sweet Caroline. First off, let me say that Crazy Pants Josie INSISTED on wearing her ‘twarlly dwess’ without leggings or tights and with short sleeves. It is 24 degrees outside and I do not argue with her.

Because she is three and CRAZY. As mentioned above.


Oh! Sparkly shoes!

Oh My Goodness deez are pwitty!!!


TWOLLLLLL SWIPPERS!!!! (troll slippers, FYI)

*run run run*

*Hide in purses*

*hop hop hop*

Do deez fit? Do day? Do day Mommy? UH-WIS-UH?!?!? (melissa) DO DEEZ FIT DOSIE?!?!?

*run run run even more*

*jump off of shoe-trying-on-seat*

I’m threatening the kid to within an inch of her life. I pick her up. I talk ever-so-sweetly THROUGH GRITTED TEETH.

She kicks and yells and yells and kicks.

So what did I do? I put her butt down because I really don’t care to battle it out with a toddler about running through a HUGE store that has all of 7 people in it.

I look to Allison. She has chosen her shoes.

I look to Caroline. She has Josie backed into a corner in the clearance section. Crazy Josie is wearing womens 3 inch heels in a lovely sparkly silver. Caroline is whispering.

Josie is now 100% perfect. I wonder what Caroline has done to Crazy Josie.

Allison says she’s ready so we head to the register. I don’t even care how much these shoes are because I AM READY TO BOLT.

Caroline and Crazy Josie walk up (WALK UP) holding hands.

Me: What in the name of socks did you say to her?
Caroline: Well, let’s just say that now you owe her a large lemonade from Chick-fil-A.

No worries. I love CFA!

So, if the question is who had the more difficult time with shoe shopping?
Then, the answer is: ME

Allison easily chose super cute not-too-high shoes.

Josie had a heck of a time AND ended up with lemonade.

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  1. Cgk says:

    Perfect day of shopping. 

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