Sep 5, 2012

a before and after

Hi y’all!

I just thought I’d share a quick little before and after of Caroline “soccering”.

Here is my SOOC (SOOC = straight out of camera…if you didn’t know that already) image.

My settings were:

ISO: 500
SS: 8000 (dang that’s high)
f-stop: 1.4
Kelvin WB somewhere around 5500, I think.

I’m kinda wondering what I was doing here.

Rolling over?

Did I have an itch?

Was I scooting to one side to try and frame her up?

Eh…I’m not too sure, but that is one catty whompus shot, huh?

And here is my edit.

I think it probably took me 6 or 7 minutes to edit this one.

Which…that’s a long time for me. I don’t normally like to sit and clone or straighten or whatever, but then again sometimes I do like to spend a little extra time.

For this one?

I KNEW I wanted to keep it because of that look of determination and her tongue.

I straightened and cropped first.

Cloned out the people and the pole…I always do my cloning and such BEFORE any other big edits.

I worked with the levels adjustment layers (with the red/blue/green sliders) a bit to get that tone that I love so much.

I added more vignette…because I just like it.

Then I put in a teeny bit of haze and double checked in ACR to see if I’d blown any areas (because I forgot to do that at the beginning).

And there you have it. That’s how I edited this image in PSE9.

Any questions?

Shoot me a message or post it here in the comments. I’m happy to help ya’!

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  1. Elicia says:

    Beautiful! Love your edit.

  2. krystal says:

    I love your work! Thank You for sharing your edit process xo

  3. andrea says:

    Love this Before and After! Fun to see how the photogs I love, edit! I did a before & after post back in August and actually used the your Clickin Moms Black and White tutorial for my edit. 😉 Your black & whites are some of my favorites.
    Hope you do more of these!

  4. Andrea says:

    Ok, I came back to look at this before and after. How much did you adjust the red/green/blue sliders to get that look you love? And how did you add the haze in?… My curious mind wants to know 🙂 thank you!!