Sep 4, 2012

fairy house

The girls have been really into building fairy houses lately.

Think I mentioned that in the last post.

Emily spent two days putting one together for Iridessa…the light fairy.

She found acorn “hats” (the tops of the acorns, of course) to use as bowls.

Inside the bowls she meticulously placed crushed flower petals, grass, and berries.

She even had an umbrella made out of a tiny elephant ear leaf…so that Iridessa would be safe from the rain.

After I took these pictures, she built walls out of sticks and even had a hot tub made out of a teeny plastic bowl.

And then?

The rains came.


And since Emily built Iridessa’s house right next to the rain gutter spout?

It was completely washed away within minutes.

Of course, my girl was bummed, but she’ll be right back to building fairy houses in no time!

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  1. Lesley says:

    Wow what an imagination. I love the acorn bowls!

  2. How have I not been blog-stalking you already?! This is so precious, Melissa! I’m DYING over the bokeh… simply delicious. And your daughter builds the most perfect fairy houses I’ve ever seen. <3