Dec 17, 2014

A daily photo project. What EVER was I thinking?

So, this one time?

I got on a roll.

I took one photo each and every day.

For 3 days straight.

BIG TIME ‘on a roll’.

On the 4th day, I decided that I was so very ready for a daily photo project.

I mean. Why not? I was alreay 3 photos in. Why stop now?

So here I am, on day 23 and I’m still at it.

Like the ceiling can’t hold me.

lalaloopsy portrait_edited-1wheresmypants_edited-1chickenheadfinal_edited-1emmymax3_edited-1flower_edited-1piglet_edited-1sparkler_edited-1thanksgivingride_edited-1tweenconverted_edited-1walle3_edited-1dialated2_edited-1cherry_edited-1blueberries_edited-1buzzsilhouette_edited-1foyerlight_edited-1lego table_edited-1newapps_edited-1selfie_edited-1sillybackseat_edited-1sunsetsabrina_edited-1tree7_edited-2carolineflu2final_edited-1allisonfinal_edited-1

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  1. JessicaN says:

    You got this!! You will totally thank yourself when you have this most awesome collection of photos at the end of the year. I am totally enjoying watching your project daily. Don’t let your fans down. 😉

  2. katie says:

    Way to go friend!!! You’re killing it! Now only how many more days to go? 🙂