Dec 18, 2014

Christmas Doodles

This is my photo for today.

Day 24 of 365.

Caroline drew these little doodles last night and I just loved them.

I let her stay up an hour after bedtime to draw and color at the sofa table next to me. Once I said I loved the Santa? She just couldn’t stop drawing and coloring. She’s a people pleaser…doing whatever it takes to make someone’s heart all full and stuff. I think I’ll frame these and pull them out every Christmas.

Also, some sweet things she says:

I love you more than you think.

I need to *skur* this up (for stir).

I’ll do whatever makes you happy.

(As I’m snuggled next to her on the couch) You fit this puzzle really goodly, Mommy.

I love you a lot lot lot lot lot lot.

Also, she’s a note-leaver. She leaves notes on my or Tony’s side of the bed so often. She loves to write and love, hug and smooch. She’s a whole bunch of sweetness in one body.


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