May 25, 2012

Allison and the S word

I can’t believe this actually happened to me.

My middle girl let me photograph her.

Holy smacks.

She hates (HATES) for me to take pictures of her. I tell her all the time that people are going to think I only have one kid.

Know what she says to that?


Allison is the spunk of the family. I have to brag on her for a bit….feel free to skip down a few lines if you don’t wanna hear it.

This girl? Is smart.

No. I’m serious.

I know what you are thinking…”everyone thinks their kid is smart”…

But really. Allison is dang smart.

She is an amazing problem solver and reads on a fifth grade level. She’s 6.

I know. I know. Lots of 6 year olds are great readers.


(haha! I’m totally kidding on the “whatever” part.)

For real though, she is way smarter than I was at that age. I mean, I’m just guessing and all.

Her critical thinking skills blow me away and she is all the time “inventing” something around here and writing stories.

Plus? She has a fantastical personality and keeps me laughing. Just the other night I walked in on her and Caroline. Allison was whispering to her little sister while they sat on Caroline’s bed. I look at Caroline and ask, “What’d Allison say?”

(because it MUST have been good…all that whispering going on)

Caroline quickly responded with, “Oh. She said duh wurd SHIT.”

Me: *gulp*

Allison? She was BEAMING. She was genuinely proud of herself. She folded her little hands in front of her and said, “I was just telling Caroline that sweet little girls don’t listen to the Black Eyed Peas because they say the word “SHIT”. I was just teaching her, Mommy.”

Me? I quickly turned around and walked out….because what do you say to that amid all of your giggling?

I mean, part of me was kind of proud of her. And another part of me was a little shocked. I’d never heard my girls use that word. Just last week the ‘S word’ was STUPID.

This week it’s something dogs doo in your yard.

(get it? doo?)

After I got my giggles out, I walked back in the room and explained to Allison that while I appreciate her teaching her little sister “what sweet little girls do”, it’s not appropriate to use that word. And if she chooses to use that word, she will be in trouble…especially at school.

And that’s when she busted out crying and apologizing.

Poor thing.

So…here’s Allison. In all of her spunkiness and Allison-ness. The girl that NEVER wants to be photographed charged me one new dress, new sandals and 5 bucks for 15 minutes of shoot time.

And? I took it happily.

I LOVE this girl.

Lots and lots.

and lots.

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  1. Joyce Kang says:

    Loooooooooove Miss Personality!! <3 She is beautiful and adorable in that gorgeous dress <3

  2. what a sweetie pie. love those freckles. And thank goodness you got one with the missing front tooth. Those are priceless!!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I have the SAME problem with my 6 year old. I like the “bribery” idea! I’ll have to try it because yours turned out AMAZING! I love them! 🙂