May 23, 2012

Cars, cars and more cars

And a green color cast.

May as well have titled this one…My Green Child.

Caroline LOVES Cars. She loved the first Cars movie and she loved the second Cars movie.

*oh dear heavens please say there will be a Cars 3*

She loves to carry them around in a Little Mermaid purse.

A girly twist to her boyish obsession.

She loves to push them around in her dolly stroller.

She takes them in the car with her.

Appropriate, no?

I’ve found them in the bathroom…

…in the pantry

…under her pillow

…lined up on her bed railing

…in our grandfather clock.

She has even slept with these guys.

And recently, at Toys R Us, she spotted a new kind of Cars. The wooden kind that will drive on her train track.


I feel another obsession coming on.

{starting out with a plane image…}

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  1. Bonnie says:

    How cute! My girl loves Cars too 🙂 My boy totes them every.where. I’m hoping there’s a Cars 3 😉

  2. Lacey says:

    These are perfect keepsake images, Melissa! And gorgeous clarity!