Feb 4, 2015

Around here? We smooch horses

Y’all. Emily LOVES horses.

I mean, LOVES THEM. She loves ALL THE THINGS about horses.

I often giggle and tease her about when she’s tacking up (what I call ‘getting the horse dressed’) because it takes her SO.VERY.LONG to do it.

Why? Because she has to stop and kiss that blasted horse every few minutes!

This is how it goes:

Pull horse out of the stall.

Kiss it.

Hook horse up to the cross ties.

Kiss it.

Brush horse.

Kiss kiss kiss

Pick one hoof…walk around and kiss.

Pick another hoof…walk around and kiss.

You get the idea, right?

She loves working at the barn and will do pretty much anything just to be near those big ol’ animals.

She’s nuts over them.


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