Dec 23, 2015

Caroline’s Top 10



You were really into these pictures.  Can you tell?

The other morning you decided to pilfer through my things and came out with my shirt on.  Also, there was my head band and glasses on your face.  The glasses didn’t last long because my perscription is so strong, but you did allow me to take a couple of snaps of you before you tossed them aside.  Then, you spent the next 4500 hours arranging the stuffed animals and pillows on your bed.

I asked you to tell me your top ten favorite things and here’s what you came up with.  🙂

  •  family
  • friends
  • unicorns
  • Christmas
  • Max
  • Lulu
  • macaroni
  • Chick-fil-A
  • The Cloister
  • Pusheen the Cat



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