Dec 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Well girls?

I only took 3 pictures.


Wanna know why?

Because I wanted to be THERE with you rather than behind the camera.  Daddy and I loved seeing your faces this morning when you walked downstairs to the tree.  Seeing you absolutely WRECK the living room with paper and plastic was delightful.  No. Really.  It was.  You spotted presents left by Santa and opened presents from each other and Daddy and I.  Then, we ate blueberry breakfast cake (CAKE!), biscuits and gravy (well, dad and I did), eggs, fruit, etc.

Some of your favorites this year:

Emily:  ‘things I can wear’ you said.  Also, the Eno and Vera Bradley backpack.

Allison:  the science kit, zipline, trampoline

Caroline:  trampoline, horse jumps, Pusheen animals, Calico Critters

Also, tomorrow we will get one more super special gift and that’s a new baby sister!

girlsonchristmas2015 copy

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