Dec 6, 2014

Christmas tree shopping

Tonight we did a little tree shopping at a local nursery that we love so much. It’s a family owned spot and is just the cutest little shop ever. I keep meaning to do a little mini session with my girls there, but the days keep slipping by without me doing it. Maybe in the springtime when all of those colorful little flowers are out.

Tonight, though, we bought a heckuvah tree.

When you have a horticulturalist as a husband you get a BIG-n-REAL one.

The smell is delightful.

Every year we seem to have a little *scuffle* over who exactly gets to choose the tree.

And by ‘we’ I mean the biggest girls.

And by ‘scuffle’ I mean we let them lay out in the front yard and wrastle (that’s wrestle everywhere else in the US and Canada) until someone yells UNCLE and comes up with teeth missing.

I’m just kidding. We don’t let it get that far.

This year, Allison won the Tree Pickin’ Contest and chose quite a beauty, I must say. Luckily, we had enough lights to go around.


The girls were SO stinkin’ sweet when they were decorating it. They all worked together while Tony and I watched a good bit of it. Ahhh…having a tween who loves to lead is amazing. *giggle* She even swept up afterward.

Tony and I sat on the couch sipping beverages and holding hands like a cute little couple in love.

Because we are, how ’bout it?

We listened to Christmas music and kept accidentally getting caught under the mistletoe.

After all of that sweetness and fun? Nobody even mentioned Mommy driving into the garage with the tree on top of the Yukon.

*by the way, I’m not stressing over how my pictures look and you shouldn’t either. I’m here to document. Not photograph award winning images. Because all of the moments I photograph ARE award winning to begin with. (Got that nice little mantra from my sweet friend, Lacey Meyers.)

(teeth are blue because she’d just eaten a sucker 🙂 )

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