Dec 3, 2014

fun fax abuot Neetive Americins










Caroline (6) brought this adorable writing home just before Thanksgiving.  I wanted to share it here, word for word and in her own spelling.  Translation to follow.  🙂

Hi.  The pilgrms met the Neetive Americins.  They tot the pilgrms how to hunt and how to plet food.  Osowe they told spookey stores in the starey nite ski.  They madeu fiyrs as briet as the sun.

Win they go hutig they haft to be sow stile.  They are spost to folowe the fute print.  They can cach a rabit or bers.  Oh and they maeck close with it and jrum sticks.

Neetive Americins fish with a pockiy stick.  They catch the fish.  You now how pilgrms hav jods? Neetive Amercins hav jods too.  They hunt.  I told you that you will lieck it but I am just seeg you can tele your frents it.  Now you know abuot Neetive Americins and pilgrms. 


Oh my gosh, y’all.  Is that writing not the cutest?!  Do you even know what that stuff says?  Just read it like it sounds because my girl is very literal with her sounds and writing.  This is a girl who HATED school last year.  Who cried for months and months every.single. morning.  She cried when I dropped her off and she cried when I picked her up.  The ol’ “whyyyyyyy did you leeeeeeeeave me mommy??!!! I haaaaate it heeeeeeere!!”  Now?  Her darling little teacher sends home these writings each and every day.  I treasure them like you would NOT believe.  My girl sits at her seat.  With her little feet hanging down.  Not even touching the floor.  *swinging swinging swinging* Her sweet little hand gripping that pencil like mad.  I can see her little lips moving as she sounds out these big-to-her words.  She’s getting it.  She’s working it.  She’s loving it.



Hi.  The Pilgrims met the Native Americans.  They taught the Pilgrims how to hunt and how to plant food.  Also they told spooky stories in the starry night sky.  They made fires as bright as the sun. 

When they go hunting they have to be so still.  They are supposed to follow the foot print.  They can catch a rabbit or bears.  Oh and they make clothes with it and drum sticks. 

Native Americans fish with a pokey stick.  They catch the fish.  You know how Pilgrims have jobs?  Native Americans have jobs, too.  They hunt.  I told you that you will lick it, but I am just saying you can tell your friends it.  Now you know about Native Americans and Pilgrims. 


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  1. Karli says:

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!! (and kudos to me because I didn’t need the translation!! lol! Not even for the “osowe”…. totally got it! 🙂

  2. Karli says:

    …. and the 2nd pic from the end?? Oh my GOODNESSSSSSS!!!