Mar 6, 2024

Don’t Steal Photos

Also known as the following:

Don’t use someone else’s photos in advertisements.

Don’t say “Inspo Only” (That means inspiration, but people are too lazy to type out the entire word these days.) and think it’s okay to steal photos.

Don’t use photos of the venue, THAT DO NOT BELONG TO YOU…photos that you were specifically told you COULD NOT USE in promos. Yeah. That. Don’t do that.

Don’t credit Pinterest when you’re using someone else’s photos. Pinterest is not a source.

Don’t do a quick Google image search and then use those images on your Facebook page or website to advertise. THOSE ARE ALSO NOT YOUR PHOTOS. You look like a big ol’ dummy.

Don’t use photos that don’t belong to you in order to make money off of people.

You can’t say “These are from my MOOD BOARD!” and use another person’s photos or the venue’s photos when you advertise your sessions.


For some reason? This is incredibly confusing for photographers and it happens quite a bit. In fact, there’s an entire site dedicated to calling people out on the carpet for this stuff.

And listen, God forbid someone calls these thieves out on social media. *insert eye roll here* Not only are we supposed to let these knuckleheads falsely advertise, steal someone else’s photos and claim them as their own, but we’re also supposed to keep quiet about it.

Yeah. Not gonna happen. It’s copyright infringement and theft. One peek at that site up top that I linked and you’ll see that photographers get sued left and right for this sort of dumbness.

Maybe try doing your own work? Having your own model calls? Taking your own photos of the venue?

Maybe that?

Also maybe think before you send middle-school level name-calling emails via my contact form after I called someone out for using photos that don’t belong to them. Here’s looking at you, Ladybug. Unlucky for you the tracker on this site tells me exactly who you are.

Now how ’bout we keep our eyes on our own paper? How ’bout that?

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  1. CGK says:

    Why why why can’t people just follow the rules.

  2. You know says:

    Track me all you want. You have way too much free time to continue to pick on other people. You got the right one though. I have time too. I’m at church throwin your name in the prayer list bc you’re a BRAT and you’re hateful and your heart is full of ugliness. Enjoy your Sunday. Brat.

    • Melissa says:

      Oh hi there!
      Everyone, the person commenting, but too afraid to say her name? Why that person is Ashly Fetzer. Her “business” name is To The Moon and Back Photography. I put the word business in quotes because she’s not registered with the state and therefore doesn’t pay taxes. Meaning, she isn’t legal and cheats the system. She enjoys stealing photos and using them on her FB page. She also likes to send me numerous “anonymous” emails through my contact form where she calls me names like asshole, bully, ugly and brat. As you can see though? She’s currently in church. So of course she’s a christian while doing all this so it’s okay! The reason she’s doing this? Because I said she should let her clients know that the photos she posts are NOT hers. She didn’t seem to like that. She also didn’t like it when I called her friend out on that as well. So yeah. Here’s your Christian thief who likes to run an illegal local business, send rude name calling emails and blog comments…Ashly Fetzer of To The Moon and Back Photography.