Jul 9, 2024

I ran the Peachtree. Here’s how that went.

Ran my first Peachtree Road Race the morning of Independence Day and I learned some things along the way:

1. It’s the world’s largest 10k with ~50k runners/walkers. That’s a lot of people, y’all. A LOT of people. (This photo was taken after I’d finished and there are some nonparticipants scattered in there, but I was Wave G and the Waves go back to Z so…..people are still out there running. Somewhere amongst the running runners.) So. Many. People.

2. I can run up Cardiac Hill sans cardiac. But I sure will walk for a bit right after. 🥵 Funny thing is that Cardiac Hill is right next to the hospital. I believe that is proper placement of that building.

3. July 4th, the day of this 10k, is the 85th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s famous “Luckiest Man” speech. A speech where he points out how everyone says he’s been given ‘a bad break’ in life. But that he considers himself the luckiest man alive because he’s been able to play baseball, a sport he loves, for so many years. How he’s got such great friends, managers, mother in law, parents, wife and support. How he’s got so much to live for. And on this day, the day of the Peachtree, I coincidentally I had ‘STEVE’ on my shoestring in honor of my brother in law who died of ALS. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Steve may not have ever ran the PRR, but at the end he couldn’t even choose to walk it and I wanted to remember that as I ran. He, too, had so much to live for.

4. People probably need to learn some basic US history. Because literally everyone wanted photos with the “Patriots”?!? What in the world?! Even the announcer says “Look at this everyone! It seems we have some Patriots among us this morning!” Is this even real life? C’mon now! The legs give it away, if not the flags. Do we really think those skinny little chicken legs are fighting for the Patriots? If it’s not clear where I am typing this blog from? That is not my flag. I love Bridgerton and all, but *rah rah America!*.

5. And another thing. Let’s get some manners here, people. People will come stand right in front of you in your assigned wave even though you’ve been there for X amount of time (read: when the participant packet told you to arrive *ahem* 6:30am) because they want to start sooner than you and get a good finishing time. Listen honey. You’re likely going to be running for an hour. You’re going to have PLENTY of time to pass me on this course. And also good luck on Cardiac Hill, Sis.

6. You run and run and run. And you sweat and sweat and sweat. And then. AND THEN. You get to the finish line and cross over into Piedmont Park, right? Right. That means you’re done. DONE! Well then. THEN. The volunteers are all “Let’s go let’s go! MOVE IT LET’S GOOOOOOO!! MOVE. IT!! GET YOUR WATER AND MOVE ON!” I mean for the love of peaches we all just ran our actual guts out. Like. Our insides are out there behind us on 10th Street. Go on and go look. Can you give us a hot minute to breathe before you yell at us to “KEEP MOVING FASTER”?! Have some respect for the people here, Gladys.

7. My Uber driver was an absolute dessert in a collared shirt. 😍 He took me to downtown Atlanta the night before so I could pick up my number (Did I mention? Wave G? Not A, but not X, Y or Z either. Kind of in the middle for my very first 10k. Whoa Nelly.) Okay actually I’m kind of kidding we also went the night before the race so that we could have a date night at a fancy restaurant and stay in a hotel sans kids. And in the morning, bright and early, Tony dropped me off by the start line. And then he loudly cheered for me toward the finish line and took me to breakfast after I finished. What an absolute dish he is.

8. It is 100% Atlanta. Just one big Atlanta Tailgate with people cheering (and trying to give you Jello Shots?! And donuts? And beer?!) along the route at 8am. I just love this city. I love the downtown, the mayor, the buildings, the servicemen and women…all of it. We grew up here and it was such a treat to see it all that way; with everyone coming out of their homes and cheering on strangers in the crazy humidity. Everyone was just so nice, so happy, so Atlanta.

But also? They do need to learn the difference between the Loyalists and the Patriots. That’s for dang sure.

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