Jan 23, 2013

for the LOVE! {of dunkin donuts}

About three miles away, there once was a run down old gas station.

Abandoned and lonely.

Then, one day in the fall?

Workers started changing that run down old gas station into a Dunkin Donuts.


Everyday, we’d pass by the workers on the way to school and the girls would give me the latest update on what they were doing.

“Mommy? They put the new parking lot in!”

“Mommy? I see the new gas pumps.”

“Mommy? There’s the Coke man putting Cokes inside!”

Then? One day last week I heard,

“MOMMY!!! I see the Dunkin’ Donuts sign!!!”

And yesterday?

There is was.

In all its glory.

A lovely and shiny and sprinkle-topped donut shop for all to love.

And boy.

Do we love it!!

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  1. Monica says:

    Love those little pink legs sticking out from the donut! And yes, DD=yumminess!!

  2. Jen says:

    Awwww! I take my Zoe to the D.D. drive through on the mornings we sleep in, I get a giant coffee and a toasted coconut and she gets a “whatever has sprinkles on it”. 🙂