Jan 23, 2013

for the LOVE {of snapshots}

Emily hasn’t wanted to have her picture taken lately, but today she was feeling rather silly.

Well, she’s always feeling a bit silly, but this time she did it in front of the camera.

This kid has the best sense of humor.

Quick witted and sarcastic.

Just the kind of humor I love.

Also, she had “the appliance” put in the roof of her mouth today.

I think it’s hurting a bit and she doesn’t want to eat much other than soft foods.

But…as you can see….she’s still a nut!

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  1. DebZorn says:

    Sorry you cutie’s mouth is hurting. My daughter had the same thing (a million years ago:). Thank you for sharing her pretty smile.

  2. Lesley says:

    she is so adorable and has such a great smile. I wish she would let you take more pictures of her. I enjoy seeing them and I don’t even know you.