Nov 3, 2012

good hearts

Caroline made these little hearts for me out of those HIGHLY ANNOYING plastic peg things.

They are fun and all and they keep the kids busy for hours.


Spill those jokers ONE TIME and you’ll hate them forever.

If I’m feeling crummy?

Caroline will come to me and say,

“Mommy, let’s go get your good hearts and put them in you.”

Then, she’ll grab me by the hand, walk me to where she told me to keep the hearts (on my bedside table) and….

….ram them down into my bra.


It works every.single.time.

Yes, it’s out of focus and yes the stupid curtain is in the way, but guess what?



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  1. candy says:

    such a funny story! sometimes the best pictures are the ones that aren’t at all perfect!

  2. Chriati says:

    Such a cute story and I love the capture. 🙂