Nov 2, 2012

the way I view halloween

It’s that time again!

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This time we photographed what my girls LOVE to do best…dress up.

Halloween was a fun time at our house this year.

Our neighborhood is the go-to place around here for trick-or-treating.

Parents bring their little ones here because our ‘hood is SO HUGE and we give out the best candy.


I’m serious.

My girls got KING SIZED M&Ms from a house this year.

What the?!?

I remember? When I was a kid? I was given a BUSINESS CARD from someone running for office.

Oh. And he also gave me refrigerator magnets and said, “give these to your mom, kid”.

Ah…trick-or-treating is so much better these days.


Caroline went as a cowgirl (aka Dale Evans) and she skipped from house to house on that little stick pony.

Until her “yegs got tie-yurd”.

Allison was catwoman and she was fierce.

Emily, oh sweet Emily, was a greek goddess.

All quiet and “professional” about it all.

That is, until we started ringing doorbells. I’ve never seen a greek goddess run that fast.


How do you like this one?  Huh?  You like the way I used the gutter system to frame them?  And the planters, too?  You like that?   How ’bout those pumpkins in the background?  I told y’all we are serious about carving around here.


So, now that you’ve seen the way I view Halloween, head on over to see Jessica’s post and don’t forget to leave some love!

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  1. These are gorgeous! Looks like you had an amazing Halloween!

  2. christina says:

    gutter framing = genius 😉 They are darling –all three, and Allison *was* totally fiece! We have Caroline’s boots 🙂

  3. Adele Humphries says:

    FABULOUS!!! Love how different their costumes are and how they suit each one’s personality to a T 🙂
    Beautiful shots Melissa.

  4. leah cook says:

    these. are. AWESOME. you make me giggle so much!! WAY impressed with your framing 😉

  5. Jessica says:

    These are just delightful! That one of your eldest is simply gorgeous… And I always love reading your posts; you have such a way with words!

  6. Nina says:

    I love the last one. <3 I agree with the ladies above. You definitely have a way with words.

  7. candy says:

    I love how smiley the middle child (allison?) is in her costume! They are all so very cute.

  8. Megan says:

    Love!!! I really adore the second one and the one where she is peeking out from behind her hands <3 You capture your daughters in such a fun and creative way!

  9. gigi says:

    OK, Allison is the fiercest catwoman I have ever seen. And you are a ninja of bokeh – these are terrific!!

  10. Vicky says:

    Oh your girls look fabulous! And what beautiful, portraits 🙂