Nov 6, 2018

Halloween isn’t for sissies

Halloween was last month.

But who gives a rip?  Here’s the story of how our Halloween went in four little stories and a few random pictures.

Hold on to your hats, People.

Allison and her buddies from school went as the Sesame Street Gang.  Most all of their costumes were handmade.  Except for the part where I bought the skirt.  And also the leggings.  Plus the socks.  And the cape.  And oh . . . I bought the hat from Etsy.  But yes.  It was a homemade costume other than that part.  They all went trick-or-treating because they are 13 and 14 so why wouldn’t they?  They got loads of candy and now Allison’s is hidden somewhere in this house.


Caroline went as a donkey.  She was unaware that the donkey was ACTUALLY Eeore until she had the costume on for approximately 37 minutes.  I just don’t understand that because we ordered it TOGETHER which means she was sitting right next to me and investigating the description as well as the photos, but okay!  I feel like Caroline is much like me.  “I’ll take the free candy, but I ain’t putting too much thought into this costume”. Comfort over style wins EVERY single day.  Caroline was very helpful with Josephine and stayed right with her.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of Caroline alone in her costume seeing as how Josie is stuck to her like glue.


Emily went over to a friend’s house to hand out candy and make caramel apples.  The rule was that she had to dress up as something.  At first she was bucking that system and not dressing up.  Then she said a skeleton.  Next, she was going as Lara Croft Tomb Raider.  Then it was “no I’ll just paint my face somehow”.  *insert mom runs to Target the DAY OF to find paint*  Next?  She comes home from school saying she was going to dress up as a rapper and hold a bunch of candy . . . making herself a candy wrapper.  Which?  I thought was ADORABLE, but guess what?  She came down the stairs ready to go in her jeans and her sherpa pullover.  Saying she was . . . get this . . . A SHEEP.

There are no photos of this event so too bad for you.

Here is a random photo of a sheep instead.  I don’t think it looks anything like Emily, but whatever.


As for Josie, this was the first Halloween where she understood what was going on.  She was “super powers” as she kept calling it.  I had her completely dressed, but she walked outside to the driveway and stripped down except for the shirt and skirt.  And for the very first time I put her hair in pigtails.  Not sure of what took me so long as it’s adorable.


She was nothing but a riot while walking.  Going up the sidewalks she would say “twick uh tweet gank ew” (trick or treat thank you) loudly.  Way before getting to the door.


She wasn’t afraid of any of the spooky decorations and would say “dats not weel. dats a toy” as she walked by.  That is, until she ran up on house number four and saw the werewolf.

This is where the “Halloween Isn’t For Sissies” title comes in.  Because Josie was all about this candy thing UNTIL she walked up on this guy.  At that point in her life she was like “AIN’T NO CANDY WORTH THIS CRAP!!”

hashtag I’m outta here.


And then we went back to our house and lived happily ever after with way too much candy.

The End.

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  1. Paula says:

    This is the cutest Halloween “run” ever! Josie and Caroline are both precious. ????????