Jan 24, 2019

How to photograph your toddler without losing your mind

Toddlers are poo poo heads.  I can say that because I live with one.  Although she’s a stinker, she is funny and does hysterical stuff.  She’s fun to photograph, but it sure is tricky.  I’ve learned a couple of things along the way and wanted to share them with you all.  You know, if you have a poo poo head toddler at home, but want to photograph him/her.  

1.  Give her something fun to do and don’t expect her to make eye contact.  
This is the one I do the most.  I offer up something new and fun and just observe her as she plays.  Many times I capture just the details.

2.  Put something on the counter and have her reach for it.  
I do this many times to capture those little hands and how she holds/reaches for things.  Works nicely with food.  Plus, it’s a bit of a bribe. Which, I’m not above doing. 

3.  Put her in something that she can’t get out of.  Then play games.  
I like putting her in her crib and singing songs, having her throw her paci out to me, or sitting a stuffed animal on my lens.  Photographing her in her carseat always makes for an easy shot.  She can’t get away and I can play Peek-a-Boo behind the seat.  

4.  Make everything a game.  
Even the silliest of things, or noises, or songs, will make a toddler giggle.  Everything is a game, even the kitchen sink, and whatever you do, DO NOT stop shooting.  

5.  If all else fails, offer food and candy.  
Mine is a sucker for mac-n-cheese and chocolates. 
And apparently so is our dog.

All in all, don’t expect mounds of eye contact from toddlers.  You’ll only frustrate yourself and irritate the toddler, too.  Be happy with details and sweet moments between giggles.  After all, those seem to be the ones we tend to treasure the most, don’t you think?  

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