Apr 30, 2018

I’m sure the guy’s a good dad

and I probably shouldn’t have made such a quick judgement about his parenting skills.

Or lack of.

Honestly, I can’t call it a ‘parenting skill’.  It was just one comment.

The guy was just trying to teach his kids where money comes from.  I reckon.

So, here’s what happened.

I took Emily to Publix (a local grocery store here) to fill out a job application.  The reasons we did this are:

  1. She’s fifteen.
  2. She likes nice things.
  3. I don’t want to BUY those nice things with my OWN money.
  4. Publix is exactly one mile from our house.
  5. She can walk there if need-be.
  6. Teens need something to do with all that ‘free time’.
  7. It builds confidence, work ethic and character
  8. She’s not gonna watch Netflix all summer.

The entire thing is on their little kiosk deal-e-o.  So, the two of us are standing near the door working on this application for almost an hour.  Also, Tip of the Day for you for when YOUR teen is completing a job application.

  • Don’t speak
  • Don’t look at them
  • Don’t breathe near them
  • Don’t say the words “Who is the parent here? Point to the parent”
  • Don’t ACTUALLY breathe AT ALL
  • Don’t remind them of their birthdate
  • Don’t question whether or not they know their actual phone number
  • Don’t ask the question “Are you SURE you want to submit THAT answer”

In fact, you can just browse around the store and pick up some random food items while your teen completes the application.  You know what?  Just wait in the car.

Forget it.  Just go home.

Back to the story.  As we are standing there, as my child is trying to…you know…GET A JOB.  As she is HOPING she can earn several paychecks over the summer.  While my kid is considering the FUTURE and ALL of the money she will be banking…. a dad walks by (he was a millennial, but I didn’t judge. Okay, I did) holding his looks-to-be four year old by the hand.  Dad has a six pack and I’m not talking about his muscles.

Again.  Not really important to the story, but since this is MY blog I’m putting the six pack in here.

He asks his kid, right as he passes us, “Hey buddy, want to get a lottery ticket?”

“Wutz a wottery ticket Daddy?”

“Well, it’s like a way we can get money”


Now if that ain’t two different ends of the This Is Where Money Comes From Spectrum, I don’t know what is.

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