May 1, 2018

Things They Say

Caroline:  If belly buttons are for babies?  Then why do boys have them?
Me: Because boys were…….. BABIES.
Caroline: *blank stare*…… oooohhhhhh!!!  
(apparently she was confusing the ‘moms and babies are attached by the umbilical cord’ and thinking that meant only girls have them because girls are moms??  I don’t even know.)


Me:  Oh look!  Bethany Hamilton had another little baby boy!!  
Caroline:  Does he only have one leg?
Me:  Why would he only have one leg?
Caroline:  Because his mom is BETHANY HAMILTON (duh mommy) 
Me: Um.
Caroline: Um what?  He could have inherited that from her in her genes. 
Caroline: Oh.  Yeah.


Caroline:  A kid in my class had a really bad scratch on her leg. And what did I ask her? I asked “How’d you get that big BOO BOO?” *smacks head* And then I felt weird and I had to explain that I have a baby sister who uses words like “boo boo”. 


Me:  I bet you can’t guess what I DID NOT do today!!!
Caroline: Put on a bra?
Me:  Remind me why am I talking to you?


Me:  *noticing the custodian at school that was just awarded Custodian of the Month* Oh Caroline! That’s the guy who got Custodian of the Month! 
Caroline: Oh.  Well there ARE only like four custodians so…. yeah


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