Nov 25, 2015

I’m thankful for old SD cards

Nesting has been good for me. This house is so dang organized you just wouldn’t believe it. I’ve donated or trashed more bags than you could imagine.

Who wants me to come over? I’m nearly done at this place and looking for another closet to revamp.

A few weeks back I ran across an old camera bag and whadaya know….an old SD card was inside.

I let it sit for a while and didn’t open it up. I was thinking that there’s no way I had a card that still had images on it.

I was wrong.

Not only did I have old pictures, but I had OLD MOVIES!

Let me repeat.


We spent the afternoon looking through them and we agreed that the one below is hysterical.

‘All I know is that he’s peach. In OUR world.’

I was CRYIN’, y’all.


Rolling down my cheeks.

MVI_3625 from Melissa Gibson on Vimeo.

The card was also loaded with old pictures from when we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and also from when we tried some shots with the new remote shutter.

This was all back in 2010 and are unedited. I can’t believe these cuties were that little. And their voices!!

girls old pic1girls old picscollage2girlsoldpicscollagegirls old pics collage3

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