Nov 24, 2015

horses, peanut butter and the library, oh my!

This week you girls are out for Thanksgiving Break.  You three have played so nicely together for the last several days.  You’ve made horse jumps out of couch cushions downstairs in the basement and have played that nearly all day every day.  You’ve made silly home videos, played Just Dance, ran around outside quite a bit, baked and eaten nearly everything out of the pantry.

It’s only Tuesday right now.

Today, Emily, you went to your riding lesson and rode Linden.  He’s your favorite right now and is just the sweetest guy!  He’s like a little puppy.  You told me about how he was out in the paddock and you had to get him.  When you did, his paddock buddy leaned in to Linden when it was time for him to go.  You said it looked like he was giving him a goodbye hug! You also said that the Paddock Buddy kicked the fence when Linden left.  That was so funny to you!

emily and linden copyemily and linden2 copy

Caroline and Allison, we went to the library while Emily was riding. Allison, you said, ‘When I get there I’m going straight for the Roald Dahl books’. Caroline, you chose several unicorn books (your latest obsession). You each have your own library card and think that’s the coolest.

carolineunicornbook copy

Once we were home, it was snack time. Good thing you’re not allergic to peanut butter and that I don’t mind you sitting on the counter or licking butter knives.

carolinepeanutbutter1 copycarolinepeanutbutter2 copycarolinepeanutbutter3 copycarolinepeanutbutter4 copy

All in all, another great day for you little ones.

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