May 21, 2018

It’s the last week of school. Here’s how that’s going

One ninth grader.

One 7th grader.

One 4th grader.

One MMO-er.


*doggie paddle doggie paddle doggie*

The end is near.  And the end needs to approach more quickly.

Josie was finished last week.  There was an email invitation sent out for the last day that said, “We will have a class party at 10:30.  Please join us! If you are unable to join, please pick up your child in the carpool line at the normal dismissal time.”

That last sentence was like grace handed down from heaven.

I did not go to the party.  My 2 year old did not CARE that I did not attend the party. She didn’t know any different and as far as I’m concerned I have set the bar on this.  I may never attend another End of Year Party.  EVER.  Everyone survived and nobody felt guilty.  You know why?  Because of that last sentence in the email.

Allison has finals today and the next two days.  I do not know if she has studied.  I do not know what exams are on what days.  I do not know this because SHE IS IN THE SEVENTH GRADE and she needs some responsibility in her life.  Exams are not my job.  They are hers.  I hope she’s got this.  I don’t feel like driving to summer school.  I feel like SITTING by the pool because sitting by the pool is NOT DRIVING.

I purchased a yearbook for Emily in February.  It was one hundred and five dollars.  I have not seen the yearbook yet although they were passed out last week.  Emily says she has tried to pick it up at school, but that ‘everything is closed at school’.  Hm…. ‘the teachers aren’t there anymore’.  Hm….lucky ducks.  I see they’ve given up on the 2017-2018 school year, too.  As with Allison, I do not know what exams she has.  I do know that her art teacher says she’s missing assignments and she has a current grade of I Do Not Want To Tell You because…well, because it’s my blog and I don’t have to.  At this point in my life I can only hope that summer school is an online option.  Just in case that option occurs.  And we are at the pool.

Caroline is making it, but we tired, y’all.  She started the year making her own lunches.  By now, I’m doing it and she’s getting these fancy bento box lunches.  They are called Lunchables.  Looks like a bento box to me, but takes way less effort.  Meaning, I can just throw it in there from my bed.  Don’t worry about a drink because IT’S IN THE BENTO BOX. They are currently two for five at Publix so go get you some.  Our wake up time is getting later and later.  The school hair is getting messier and messier.  This morning, she brushed her teeth in a dirty kitchen sink because, like I said, we tired.

Again, it’s the last week of school.  And that’s how that’s going.

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