May 22, 2018

Things Josie Says

While holding a cute little jar that she made at school (has ladybugs on it):  Lily bug uh kool 

Brings me a wooden whale:  Wheel.  No ‘ish.  Wheel.  No ish.  WHEEL!  (whale, not a fish)

wabbeat = rabbit

gock = goat

eee-osh = horse

ee-yuz = ears

luggurt = yogurt

duss = dress (Allie duss)

toot toots = telling us that Allison is playing her trumpet

no-nuts = donuts


rise = fries

bakes = grapes

moan-uh = panda

ran-mow = rainbow

millie millies = macaroni

lan-line = Caroline


Gil (Bubble Guppies)

deek = stick


uh bobby is? = where bobby (paci) is?

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