Jul 17, 2015

Just my kid on the counter

Sometimes my girl sits on the counter.

Many times my girl plays Minecraft.

Even more times there are dirty dishes in the sink AND along the counter.

Today?  You get all three.

The trifecta.

Photographer friends, in some of these I got right up to Caroline and metered for her face; therefore, exposing in a more bright and happy way.  In other images, I underexposed her skin in order to show a bit more mood.  Afterall, she WAS mad about not being able to go to the pool so……

iphone on counter1_edited-1iphonecounter6_edited-1iphoneoncounter2_edited-1iphoneoncounter3_edited-1iphoneoncounter5_edited-1iphoneoncounter7_edited-1

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  1. Aimee says:

    Gorgeous series. Great light!