Jul 24, 2015

shooting daily

Guys. I have only missed one day. ONE DAY! This little project started right around Thanksgiving of last year. I actually took a photo 3 days in a row and thought I was on to something special (by remembering each day. For three days) so I just kept going. It’s a bit like Forest Gump and his running.

From that day on? If I was goin’ somewhere? I was RUNNING! ~Forest Gump

It’s been such fun photographing these days each day. Sometimes the girls cooperate and want to pose. Sometimes they don’t cooperate and refuse to pose. It’s those candid shots that I love the most.

Here are some recents from my daily project. Are you shooting daily? Have you learned much about your style through these everyday moments? Are your kids cooperating or do you not want them to? Are you a fast runner?


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  1. Justyna says:

    Love these!!!

  2. Aimee says:

    Melissa – your images are so lovely! What great memories you’re keeping for your girls. I am doing a 365 for the first time in my life and I know how easy it is to lose motivation and feel like you can’t find anything worthy to shoot today, then the kids do something silly and you realise “of course I do!!”.

  3. Lacey Meyers says:

    I need this motivation right about now … I’m feeling so out of it with my photography lately and just not wanting to pick up my camera. Part of me worries about that, but the other part is a bit relieved! Weird, huh? I hope you share more of your daily shots though, because you help remind me of the beauty in the everyday. 😉 Thank you sweet friend! <3

  4. Always love all your images and words Melissa! Shooting daily is the best thing I ever did <3

  5. alishia says:

    I was shooting dailey until summer break. So much was going on I lost my focus.. so to speak. 🙂