Feb 28, 2015

my little bakers

The two biggest girls are old enough now that I trust them to bake something and it actually taste yummy.

Plus not catch the house on fire.

Or their sister.

On their own, I let them make anything from a box. That is usually cupcakes, brownies, cakes, muffins or muffin bready stuff.

Together from scratch, we have baked banana bread, cream cheese pound cake and, most recently, banana pudding.

Holy goodness at the banana pudding, y’all.

One of my goals is for them to see me baking and to pass this down to them. I may not be the best at it yet and have all the cool tools, but I remember my mommy baking yummy cakes and desserts. And her mommy before that. I love that smelly smell of those goodies and I want my girls to have that memory, too. Plus, their daddy says it will land them a great man one day. So there’s that.

First though, I’ll have to get them to stop putting their faces in the mixing bowl.


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  1. Brenda Gibson says:

    YUM! Can y’all bring me some when you come for your first visit to my new home soon? I’ll be back home later on Thursday – after my 3/4/15 surgery

  2. beckie says:

    love these Melissa!