Mar 3, 2015

Rules for Being lulu’s mommy

I found this little list that Caroline wrote out. Lulu is our 8 year old black and white Shih Tzu. She is THE sweetest dog ever and such a cuddle bug. Lulu is pretty much blind now and needs help at times.

‘To Be Lulu’s Mommy’

1. get food for hre
2. mack sre she is bye you
3. pet hre
4. a dog toy
5. folow hre
6. say ware to go
7. do not live hre
8. lete hre go otdo sied
9. rede hre a book
10. snugol
11. let hre go to the tolit

Is that not the cutest ever?


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  1. Lacey Meyers says:

    Snugol! TOO sweet. <3