Jan 6, 2024

Stanley Tumbler | Let Me Tell You What I Heard in Target This Week

First: How do you feel about those superannoyingandtopheavy Stanley tumblers?

Second: How long did you stand in line outside of Target to get one?

It’s crazy what people are willing to do. Especially when it comes to getting the latest trends and, let’s face it, fitting in with whoever they want to fit in with because of having the “best of the best”.

Let me tell you what I witnessed at Target this week. Wooooo Nelly.

As you probably knew (or maybe you’re like me and didn’t know) the ever-popular Stanley company came out with a pink tumbler and Target had it in store this past Wednesday. I had no idea because I’m a Hydroflask girl myself.

Anyway, I was in Target on Thursday morning, the day after The Pink Cup Escapade. I’m in the self-checkout and at our Target there are 4 stations at the self-checkout area. Each station has someone; a Target employee, a lady alone, a mom with a tween and me. It’s clear after a few seconds that Mom with Tween is looking for the pink Stanley.

Target Man: Yeah, we sold out of those yesterday.
Mom with Tween: WHAT? But you just GOT them yesterday.
Target Man: Correct. People were waiting outside the store before we even opened. There were about 18 people in line out there.
Mom with Tween: Okay. That is CRAZY.
Lady Alone: I don’t understand why people are so into those cups. I still love my Yeti cup.
Me: Just scanning my sock purchases and listening.
Target Man: Well, they were really into them yesterday. It was so cold outside and they didn’t mind waiting 20 minutes until we opened the store. There was a purchase limit though.
Mom with Tween: I’m telling you, that’s insane. I would NEVER stand in line before you opened just to get a pink tumbler. I don’t care how bad my daughter (gestures to daughter) wants one. FORget IT. Not happening.


She wanted the Barbie one so I went online and bought it for $350.


Lady Alone and I made eye contact.

Our mouths actually dropped open. It was clear that both of us were in total shock.
I’m sure Target Man was thinking, “Damn if we don’t need to raise prices on these cups.”

Mom of Tween is willing to spend that money. But dog if she’s gonna stand in line for 20 minutes to get into her local Target.

Just for reference, here’s a list of items you can buy for LESS THAN $350.

  • countertop dishwasher
  • hoverboard with bluetooth speaker
  • drone
  • a height adjustable standing desk
  • gaming chair
  • inflatable water slide
  • daybed with trundle

But that’s okay! Because chick-a-dee got her a cup.


So yeah. It’s nuts what people are willing to do and pay for things. But listen, you won’t EVER catch me paying $350 for a frickin Barbie tumbler.

No matter how long that line is outside.

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