Jan 17, 2019

Things they say

Me: (emptying Caroline’s lunchbox) Oh! Someone gave you a baby pumpkin at school?! How sweet is that?!
Caroline: Actually? I got that from the trash can. Morgan wanted one, too, but she was too scared. So I said, “well? you gotta be brave enough for yourself or you don’t get one!”

Josie: (looking at herself in the mirror after her bath) Oh! Look! BABY boobies!! Baby boobies right dare!!!

Josie says “day lown” for lay down. Even says “daying lown”

Emily and I talking about how musicians oftentimes get discovered through social media.
Me: It’s just crazy these days. I mean, think of how hard it must have been for Elvis. Who discovered Elvis?
Emily: Um….HAWAII?! *duh*

Caroline: (the day we brought the new puppy, Nora, home) What have we done? We have two toddlers.

Josie: (notices Frozen is on) Oh! Elsa? And Anna? And Olaf? And Kristoph? And Sven?
Me: Yep.
Josie: I like pizza.

Me to Allison: I love your Christmas cookie! How does it taste?
Allison: Like diabetes.

Emily: How is a record made? Just THINK about that mom. How do they get MUSIC into a record?
Me: How about you ask me something easy like how babies are formed or something?

Talking about how Elton John and Paul McCartney were knighted and are Sir Elton and Sir Paul.
Emily: Wait. Who knighted them? Prince?
Me: I think Queen Latifa.

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