Dec 11, 2015

Things they say

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I was telling you three about the new sitter you would have for the evening.

Me:  Her name is _____.  She just moved here from New Jersey to be with her family.  She goes to college and she’s 21.  How about that?

A bit later I was asking, ‘So what are some things you can do with the new sitter?’

Caroline:  Well, we can play board games.  We could watch a movie…later, of course, when we are tired from playing.  AND!  We could play Just Dance since she’s 21!!


At dinner the other night, Caroline was trying to remember the name ‘Trail of Tears”.

You said:  Do you know that path that the Native Americans walked on that time?  It was such a sad path?  Do you know that one?  That sad path?  I’m not sure what it was but it was sooooo sad.

Me:  The Trail of Tears?

You:  Ah ha!  That’s it!


Back during the summer we watched Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.  There’s a character in the movie who looks JUST LIKE our old pastor, Brother Stan.  Your Daddy and I kept saying, ‘Oh my gosh!  That is Brother Stan!’  Meaning, of course, that the character LOOKS like him, right?  Each time we saw a commercial for the movie, heard about the movie, saw a clip from the movie…you name it, we said the words, ‘now THAT is Brother Stan’.  Well, a few days back Allison and Caroline were home sick from school and were allowed to watch the movie.  Allison, you came to me and said, ‘I’m sorry, Mommy, but I checked the cast list for the movie and it turns out that he is NOT Brother Stan after all.  It’s  Gary Valentine.  Sorry.’

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**For the photographer friends that may pop in over here, here’s a pullback to show you that not everything is as it seems in shots you see online…at least on this blog.  Usually, there’s some randomness sitting just outside of the frame.  A pile of laundry.  A stack of homework papers.  A dog licking his hiney.  Whatever.  Caroline was sitting on the floor just beside a really dirty sink.  In the following image, she was sitting in the bottom left corner just in front of the dishwasher.




The next shot shows how the white cabinet was acting as a reflector to bounce the light back to her.  So, she was sitting between the dishwasher and the white cabinet (not leaning against the cabinet as you see here).  I was standing just in front of the window and using a 35 1.4 lens.




And just for fun, the sink in all her glory.  I hope this information and pullbacks help someone.  🙂


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