Dec 17, 2015

We let you play in the sewer. And you love it.

tunnel5 copy

We’ve lived here for just over two years and you three have JUST NOW found the drainage tunnel that leads out of our yard and under the street.  It’s *sort of* a creek and *sort of* just a ditch that only fills with water when it rains for a day or two.

Word got out that it is a ‘SEWER’ to Caroline so it keeps getting called that even though Daddy and I have corrected you time and time again.

You guys (Caroline and Allison especially) will spend a LONG time out there running through the ‘sewer’ like Ninja Turtles.  You take big sticks (that you name, by the way.  We have Sticky Wicky and Sticky Ricky) and flashlights and dare each other to cross under the street to the neighbor’s yard.  A few days back, you invited me down to check it all out.  You cautiously helped and watched this very pregnant momma walk down into the ‘sewer’.  Then, held my hand as I heaved this big ‘ol belly back up.

With the way this weather is going, so warm and sunny in December, I’m sure I’ll be hearing all about these adventures more and more.

tunnel1 copytunnel2 copytunnel3 copytunnel4 copy


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