Dec 29, 2016

things they say

Each night, at bedtime, we say three things that were blessings for the day. Caroline will say, “Okay Mommy. Tell me your three good things.” She says well thought out blessings. For example, “I liked going over to so-and-so’s house because ___”. Or, I am glad it rained because the flowers will grow bigger”.

A couple of nights ago The Blessings went like this:

Caroline: “I loved playing outside because it was a pretty day for it. I liked going to Target to look around and I’m thinking about saving money to buy that remote control car. I had fun doing the karaoke machine with Allison and Emily.”

Me: “Coffee. Chick-fil-A. Nachos for dinner.”

Caroline: “ooooooookkaaaaaay THAT is pretty much all foods just like ALL the other times. Goodnight!

It’s true. Food is a blessing to me.

Always and forever.



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