Dec 31, 2016

we got a christmas tree again

and there isn’t one single picture of it in this post.

Or in any post to come.

Because I didn’t take but one picture of that joker and it’s on my phone.

However, I did snap some pictures while the kids and Tony were browsing the trees (I’m not allowed to choose the tree because APPARENTLY the trees I choose are “too small”) and these pictures just may be my most favorite in a while.

Just know that when you are married to a real live horticulturist? You are required, by law, to get a BIG TREE.

And that we did.

And by “BIG TREE” what I atually mean is ENORMOUSLY HUGE.

My sweet man had to cut like….I don’t know….seven feet of trunk off of that guy in order to get him to stand up in our living room.

No really.

And then.


A couple of days after we got the tree all lit and decorated? Guess what happened?

Little bugs hatched out of these teeny eggs that were all over that tree.


Those teeny bugs weren’t nearly as fun as the time we brought home a bird in our Christmas tree.

Yep. That birdy rode home on top of our Yukon. Perched inside of his little nest in our tree as we hauled it in the house. Hung out while we draped lights all over and filled it up with decor. Then he decided to fly all around in our house for two days.

Zip around the house.

Fly back to tree.

Zip around.

Fly back to tree.

The little guy finally realized the front door was wide open and we never saw that birdy again.

Yes. The bugs were a cute little bonus from the tree farm this year and the bird a few years before that. Same farm both times.

Next year our horticulturist will take us somewhere different for our tree.

I won’t object.

Also, the girls put Josie’s shoes back on her feet 4,589 times.


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  1. That Caroline. I could eat her and her sweetness up. The way she sweetly puts Josie’s shoes back on. She’s just too much adorableness wrapped up in a tiny body! I love your sweet family, Melissa, and I pray that 2017 is much kinder to you all than 2016 was. Love you so much! xoxo

  2. Katie says:

    Your tree sounds like it came straight out of “Christmas Vacation”! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a happy 2017!