Nov 21, 2016

Things you say

Caroline: When blind people drive, how do they do it?
Me: Well, they DON’T drive.
Caroline (leaves the room and comes back): Oh. So their DOG does it.


Allison: Why, in movies, do they always show apples on the teacher’s desk?
Caroline: I know! I don’t get it. Ms. Abernathy eats POPCORN.


Me: Did you turn in your project today?
Caroline: Yes. But we didn’t presenTATE it yet.


Caroline: Mommy? Since you have a Coke, can I have a Francesca? (Fresca)


Caroline: _____ is one of my best friends. I thought she was a fashion girl? But it turns out that she’s really a fart girl. So I like her a lot.


Getting in the car to take Izzy home:
Izzy: They should have Uber for kids.
Emily: WHAT?! That’s like kidnap me dot com.


While hiking at a nearby park after I promised her a milkshake for helping wash the car:
Caroline: I’m only doing this for the milkshake. I’m kidding I’m doing this for the fun.


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  1. Bonnie Smith says:

    Absolutely hilarious and precious.