Mar 10, 2015

When we eat out

I’m wondering if we are anything like other families when we eat out?

The girls like for everyone to sit in the same spot (in relation to each other) every single time. If not? There are tears from one child and I won’t tell you who THAT is. I sit between the biggest and the littlest. The middle girl sits across from us and beside Daddy.

If it’s a cirle table?

Oh geez.

The girls always order the same drinks. Sprite, Shirley Temple and Root Beer.


There’s drawing, word puzzles or chatting allowed at the table and a big ol’ HECK NO on the devices.

There is an exception to the No Devices Rule. If the girls need to look up how to draw something, they are allowed to Google it. (are we mean or what?! I mean golly. God forbid we actually talk and stuff)

At least one parent and more than likely the server will get a hand-drawn picture before we leave. ALWAYS. Does this happen with anyone else?

Eating is sandwiched between the drawing and writing.

See what I just did there?

And of course, we have those manner things that we enforce: look the server in the eye when listening to the specials, napkins in laps, no getting up/walking around, say please/thank you/pass the ___ please.

Now. All of this goes very well so long as people are sitting in their ‘correct’ spot. If our seating arrangement gets wonky from the beginning? Then one girl is still pouting while the other is still crying. Let’s don’t talk about what happens when we get confused on who sits where….we just stand around the table and stare at each other for 30 seconds.

On this day? Everyone was a teeny bit thrown off because we had guests with us and the seats were ****GASP**** not the usual way. Thankfully, the little one got over it quickly and guess who ended up with the drawing this time? That’d be me! 🙂


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